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Government had to create new €15,000 allowance after discovering they could only pay two junior ministers to attend Cabinet

THE government created a special allowance for Fine Gael’s Regina Doherty because rules prohibited them from paying more than two Junior Ministers who sat at the Cabinet table. After the election, three ‘super’ Juniors were appointed – all of whom should have been entitled to an extra €15,829-a-year for attending Cabinet meetings. However, the government […]

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Millions of euro in tax avoided by high wealth individuals through two gaping loopholes on personal retirement plans

MILLIONS of euro in tax was being avoided by high wealth individuals as part of a tax loophole on personal retirement plans. The Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) scheme and a separate scheme known as Retirement Annuity Contracts (RACs) both had to be shut in the last budget amid warnings from the Revenue Commissioners. Internal […]

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Furniture like something from a 1970s Dublin student flat, a mysterious locked room, pervasive damp … why Ireland abandoned its €7,200-a-month Vienna residence

FURNITURE like something from a 1970s Dublin student flat, a mysterious locked room that had not been opened in at least 14 years, stained carpets and a pervasive smell of damp … just some of the many colourful reasons given for why an Irish diplomat desperately needed to move house. The move from a property […]

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Minister Leo Varadkar runs up €907 toll bill in seven months but the toll roads he travelled on are redacted for “security reasons”

A few months back, I requested copies of the statements for all road tolls incurred by Minister Leo Varadkar since his appointment in May. The Department released the overall cost, saying it had come to just over €900 from May of last year to the end of November. They said that Mr Varadkar had also […]

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RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy generates more complaints than anybody else according to analysis of Broadcasting Authority figures

RTÉ star Ray D’Arcy has conceded he needs to be more careful in what he says on air since moving to the state broadcaster … and it’s small wonder with the radio and TV host attracting far more complaints about his programmes since leaving Today FM. A detailed analysis of more than six years of […]

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Revenue warns of difficulties in collecting tax on sugary drinks amid warnings that tax take will collapse after it is introduced

REVENUE have warned the government that it could be difficult to collect the planned tax on sweetened drinks that is set to be introduced next year. A briefing document for Finance Minister Michael Noonan has explained how the tax could generate in excess of €85 million a year, if charged at a rate of 10 […]

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The €23,000 bill for boutique and custom-made furniture for office of Central Bank’s governor

IT has already raised eyebrows with its dramatic gold-plated exterior … now the first details of what sits behind the façade of the Central Bank’s sleek new headquarters have been made public. More than €23,000 has been spent on custom-made and boutique designer furniture for the office of the governor Philip Lane in the bank’s new […]

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Mick Wallace claimed cluster bombs transited through Shannon Airport – yet the documents he relied on said the exact opposite

THE Department of Transport has dismissed claims by Independent TD Mick Wallace that deadly cluster bombs passed through Shannon Airport en route to the Middle East. Mick Wallace had claimed in the Dáil that liquid fuel explosives and rockets with bursting charges had transited via Shannon in November 2014. However, it has now emerged that […]

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At least twelve politicians entitled to triple pensions for service as TDs, MEPs, and government ministers

THE Irish taxpayer has paid out more than €2.4 million in pension payments for former MEPs over the past four years. Twenty-seven former Euro MPs are currently on the Oireachtas pay roll for their service in Brussels and Strasbourg with small pensions also paid to six spouses of deceased ex-members. The pension bill is actually […]

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The €25,000 bill for moving paintings and artworks when Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved five miles to new €8,964-a-month home

THE Department of Foreign Affairs spent more than €25,000 moving paintings and other artwork when the Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved to a new diplomatic residence five miles away. The massive bill was paid as a “donation” to the National Gallery, who in turn hired specialist movers to bring the art to its new home […]

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