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Internal report reveals chaos in trying to ensure medical consultants work all the hours they’re meant to in public hospitals

AN INTERNAL report has shown the major difficulties behind trying to manage the contracts of medical consultants and ensuring they stick to the hours they are supposed to in public hospitals. The document effectively admits that for many consultants, the HSE has no way of monitoring their earnings or private practice to ensure they fulfil […]

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More than €800,000 in tax relief on second homes claimed by government ministers through “dual abode allowance” since Enda Kenny promised to abolish it

THE country’s most senior politicians have claimed more than €800,000 over the past seven years through a controversial tax write-off to maintain a second home in Dublin. The government ministers have been allowed to write off more than €100,000-a-year from what is known as the ‘dual abode allowance’. The tax perk applies to ministers, ministers […]

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Department of Education fails to enforce its own rules on school funding leaving taxpayer to pick up €11.5 million bill

 * A guest post by Jill Nesbitt on how one primary school charges thousands in “voluntary parent contributions” while drawing down state funding. A former private primary school in Dublin 4 sought recognition as a national school and undertook to comply with all Department of Education requirements for schools in the free education system, one […]

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Department warned of legal challenges if they tried to withdraw tax incentive for developers and landlords who “hoarded” properties and land

THE Department of Finance warned that the state would face legal challenges if it tried to withdraw a tax exemption that has been blamed for fuelling land hoarding. The exemption, which allows land owners avoid capital gains tax if they hold onto a property for seven years, was introduced to kickstart the flagging Irish real […]

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Human Rights Commission spent €320,000 on “fixtures and fittings” including €14,000 for five top-of-the-range TVs and €16,278 for a meeting table

A PUBLIC body spent more than €14,000 on five display televisions as part of a €1.6 million makeover of its city centre offices. The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) paid out over €320,000 for “fixtures and fittings” as part of the renovation of three floors of office space in Dublin. Among the items […]

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Despite one of the lowest betting taxes in the world, government opted not to increase tax because of job loss warning from bookies

FINANCE Minister Paschal Donohoe kicked to touch on doubling tax on betting amid warnings of jobs losses from the Irish bookmaking industry. The Department of Finance had presented three options that could have raised up to €50 million extra from bookies or punters as part of a review of betting tax. However, Mr Donohoe decided […]

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Revenue Commissioners warned that latest price hike for cigarettes could actually lead to a lower tax take for the government

THE government was warned by the Revenue Commissioners that increasing the duty on cigarettes in the latest budget might not yield any extra revenue. The warning came in a pre-budget submission to Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe which suggested the price of a packet of cigarettes was getting so high that smokers would look outside of […]

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Taoiseach’s Strategic Communications Unit warned of dangers of the “parliamentary bubble” in briefing by UK experts

TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar’s €5 million spin unit was warned of the dangers of getting caught in a “parliamentary bubble” in a special briefing from the UK government’s premiere public relations guru. Two senior members of the Strategic Communications Unit (SCU) visited London in September for a high-level briefing with senior personnel in Britain’s Government Communication […]

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Former politicians had €1,741 in bar and restaurant bills written off with one owing over €300 in a drinks bill

TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar was quick to say that politicians who refused to pay their Dáil bar and restaurant bills should have it deducted from their salary. However, it has now emerged that the biggest ‘debtor’ to benefit from the controversial €5,500 write-off of bar and restaurant debts may have been his own department. A breakdown […]

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EU Commission refuses access to correspondence with Irish government over Apple state aid case

Last month, I looked for copies of correspondence between the EU Commission and the Irish government over the Apple state aid case and delays in collecting the €13 billion in tax. It was, perhaps not surprisingly, refused. Am open to seeking a review of it if anyone had any thoughts. Please share and like:

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