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Political Expenses and Data Journalism

This is a presentation I gave in RTÉ late last year to the Hacks/Hackers group about building databases of political expenses and the challenges of trying to put all of that material together in one place for the first time. You can see the slides here These were the key challenges faced with such a […]

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How Irish politicians are able to claim up to €260 per day in unvouched tax-free expenses when abroad

FOUR politicians were able to claim at least €3,000 in tax-free unvouched expenses last year for overseas travel as part of their work at Leinster House. They were paid as part of a subsistence system that includes special top-ups on daily expense rates for politicians, and does not have to cover hotel or flight costs […]

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Keeping political expenses secret: what the government has to say

Subsequent to my last post about the controversial decision to keep secret the invoices and receipts submitted by TDs and Senators for repayment from the public purse, I submitted several questions to the Information Commissioner about the decision. I asked them firstly if they had raised the point with government that the new FOI Act now […]

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New FOI Act added “significant protection” from scrutiny for expense claims by TDs and Senators

Over a year ago now, I submitted an FOI request to the Houses of the Oireachtas as part of a project I was working on in the RTÉ Investigations Unit called No Expenses Spared. This FOI request was very specific, looking for copies of invoices and receipts submitted by the small group of TDs and […]

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The Airport Transit

In today’s Tribune, we are carrying a story about how an airport transit to transport John O’Donoghue from one terminal of Heathrow Airport to another ended up costing E472. Even though it was just a two-hour layover as Minister O’Donoghue landed in London en route from India back to Dublin, an official from the Embassy […]

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John O’Donoghue theatre tickets and Martin Cullen’s trip to the Ryder Cup

These are the two Ministerial expenses stories that largely slipped under the radar in recent times. The first involves John O’Donoghue’s trip to New York where €28,000 was spent in four days between himself, his wife, his private secretary and another senior civil servant. This does not feature in the larger O’Donoghue FOI because this […]

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The John O’Donoghue files

This story started more than a year ago as I began to look into allegations of excessive spending by the Ceann Comhairle’s office. First up was a story about the refurbishment of John O’Donoghue’s office in Leinster House at a cost to the taxpayer of more than €100,000, which included €29,000 for carpets, a €1,000 […]

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