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The €25,000 bill for moving paintings and artworks when Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved five miles to new €8,964-a-month home

THE Department of Foreign Affairs spent more than €25,000 moving paintings and other artwork when the Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved to a new diplomatic residence five miles away. The massive bill was paid as a “donation” to the National Gallery, who in turn hired specialist movers to bring the art to its new home […]

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The special adviser salaries and how Freedom of Information has helped significantly cut the annual wage bill

The Department of Public Expenditure has published a full list of all special adviser salaries on their website. There are a handful of cases where people have jumped up the salary scale beyond the point that they should normally start as reported here previously. There are also a couple of instances where individuals are above the scale altogether, […]

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How the Freedom of Information Act can help save money for the taxpayer – Leo Varadkar’s repayment of €1,970.40

Some of you may remember a story I did last year about how Minister Leo Varadkar had made a double claim for expenses at a higher mileage rate than he was allowed. These are the background documents to that, which show how Mr Varadkar ended up making a repayment of €1,970.40. This is a copy […]

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Irish politicians introduced a “new protection” which stops their expense claims being made public

First, the bad news. An appeal to get access to the invoices and receipts used by TDs and Senators for claiming their expenses has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been unsuccessful. In their internal review, the Oireachtas has upheld their original decision that these documents are “private papers” and therefore exempt from Freedom of Information legislation. They have also pointed out […]

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The John O’Donoghue files

This story started more than a year ago as I began to look into allegations of excessive spending by the Ceann Comhairle’s office. First up was a story about the refurbishment of John O’Donoghue’s office in Leinster House at a cost to the taxpayer of more than €100,000, which included €29,000 for carpets, a €1,000 […]

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