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Private Papers update: Information Commissioner refuses to re-examine his decision on keeping political expenses secret

The saga of politicians, their expenses and whether they should be considered “private papers” has been rumbling on for almost two years now. Unfortunately, the battle to have the receipts and invoices of TDs and Senators made public has hit another brick wall and the Information Commissioner has said he will not reconsider his original decision. Despite what […]

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The scourge of politicians and their “private papers”

ONE of the most common criticisms politicians have of journalists is that they are obsessed with TD’s expenses and government waste. Quite aside from the fact that this obsession is in the public interest, there is actually another much more practical aspect to it. Ireland’s Freedom of Information law is severely limited, containing a raft of […]

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How long did it take to change the rules to keep political expenses secret? All of seventeen seconds

There was an interesting discussion on Broadsheet following my last post on the battle to bring the expense claims of TDs and Senators out into the open. You can read a selection of the comments here One of the things on which questions were raised was this idea that something could be “quietly” introduced in the Dáil, without […]

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Irish politicians introduced a “new protection” which stops their expense claims being made public

First, the bad news. An appeal to get access to the invoices and receipts used by TDs and Senators for claiming their expenses has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been unsuccessful. In their internal review, the Oireachtas has upheld their original decision that these documents are “private papers” and therefore exempt from Freedom of Information legislation. They have also pointed out […]

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Ending the secrecy that surrounds political expenses in Ireland – the battle resumes

Some of you will recall my efforts to get access to the invoices and receipts submitted by TDs and Senators as part of their expense claims. I’ve written previously on this, and how these invoices and receipts are now being classified as the “private papers” of politicians, and therefore exempt from Freedom of Information legislation. […]

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Five reasons (and counting) on why Ireland’s political expenses system is in dire need of reform

The political expenses regime in Northern Ireland has been the subject of a report by an independent review body. Some of the planned allowances would bring a tear to the eye of many Irish politicians if introduced here, because they are distinctly stingy by Leinster House standards. You can read the full report here. The most interesting […]

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The cost of Freedom of Information?

We often hear about the cost of Freedom of Information, the large burden it places on public bodies, and the small armies of civil servants who struggle to deal with nuisance requests from pesky reporters. What we hear less about – because media often will not trumpet the work of other media – is the […]

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Political Expenses, Pay and Pension Databases

With the election coming up, these databases of political pay, expenses, pensions, and allowances may all again prove of interest. First up was the database of the €100 million paid out in salaries, expenses and allowances to TDs and Senators in the period between March 2011 and the end of July 2014: http://www.rte.ie/news/investigations-unit/2015/0120/674364-no-expenses-spared/ Next came […]

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