As an experienced lecturer and journalist, I am available to offer advice, training, and consultancy in a range of different areas.

Contact me at to discuss your projects, be they Freedom of Information-related, data journalism, or investigative projects.

Some of my investigative journalism work with the Sunday Tribune, Irish Mail on Sunday, and RTÉ Investigations Unit:

  • A series of stories on expenses and overseas travel by the former Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue, which subsequently led to his resignation. Read my blog post from 2009, which gives a comprehensive summary of those events. The original stories, which appeared in the Sunday Tribune, are no longer available online.
  • How former Taoiseach Enda Kenny intervened to break a salary cap by €35,000 for a friend and former advisor – read the story in the Irish Mail on Sunday.
  • How a government minister claimed mileage expenses for trips to and from his holiday home because he was working in his car – read the story from the Irish Mail on Sunday.
  • A series of stories that culminated in the repayment of more than €3,000 by the Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin for phone calls made to Kenya. Read the final report here.
  • How a former government minister John Perry hired his wife to work as his €38,000-a-year parliamentary assistant. And his explanation afterwards.
  • Duty of Care – an in-depth report into the abject failings of a health board to act on repeated allegations of sexual and physical abuse in a foster care home.

Some of my data journalism work in conjunction with RTÉ Digital and the RTÉ Investigations Unit:

  • ‘No Expenses Spared’ – two databases covering expenses paid to TDs & Senators and to government ministers, which were prepared for the website of the RTÉ Investigations Unit. These were published alongside a series of reports on loopholes and grey areas in the Irish political expenses system. Also, a third database of political pensions.
  • Seeking Asylum in Ireland: an in-depth look at statistics on those who seek refugee status in Ireland, their chances of success, and the conditions that they live in.
  • Suicide: The Figures – a detailed analysis of fourteen years of official figures on one of Ireland’s most intractable problems.