Terence Wheelock and his injuries

“Some media reports refer to extensive bruising on Terence’s body,” read the garda statement.

“The gardai see no reason for this nor were they noticed by the gardai or Dublin Fire Brigade personnel who attended the scene.”

When Terence Wheelock was taken into custody, gardai made a note of his injuries and any other distinguishing marks.

The garda who filled out the custody form said he had a birthmark as well as bruising on his left arm.

He was later strip-searched but no note was taken of extensive bruising and cuts on his legs, cuts to his hands, and a mysterious cut on his back as well as bruises on his lower back.

This is the first of a series of pictures I plan to publish here of these injuries


These injuries remain unexplained and according to garda accounts did not even exist when he left their custody.

Terence Wheelock was taken by ambulance from Store Street garda station in a coma in June 2005 and never woke again. He died three months later in the Mater Hospital.

The “full” report of the Garda Ombudsman Commission, which was published earlier this week, is available here

Although it is important to note that the publicly available report differs substantially from the one that has been given to the Garda Commissioner and also to the Wheelock family.

More of that later in the week and also I will post the other pictures that were released by the Wheelock family to me.

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