A “catastrophic” lack of faith in Irish politics

Must start posting on this the odd time.

The Houses of the Oireachtas have put together an interesting report on their future communications, admitting that faith in politics is at an all-time low, in the wake of John O’Donoghue’s resgination and the Ivor Callely controversy.

It’s a good report and some of their plans are welcome and should be replicated across government.

Their plan is to put all political expenses and salaries online and they’ve already started this process. They’re also going to post all FOIs to their website so that people know exactly what’s already publicly available.

In general, they’ve taken an approach that if everything is publicly available, then there can’t be a suggestion that they are trying to hide anything.

The article I wrote in the Sunday Tribune

And a copy of the report, which was given to me by the Houses of the Oireactas. I had originally sought it under FOI but they said in the interests of transparency, they would just give it to me.

The report is here

And the appendices to the report here

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